Nintendo Switch which meets 2 years from sale in March of 2022 "gather Forest of an animal"nAn additional update of contents of game this chapter has ended, but the pay additional contents which work as a maid of villa making by "Takumi life" "gather Forest of an animal Happiness home Paradise" deliver it.nThat the last addition of contents and the case that it's possible all together are quickly, it also is here and moreover is the contents which can't play up that it increased.nI also had the one by which the Nintendo Switch body was in the short state around a sale early stage, so I think there are a lot of people who have begun recently and people I'm going to begin now, too.nNow when the degree of freedom is rising by a repeated update is the chance which can enjoy an island life to the full!nIt's the ATSU forest very popular at the whole world, but it's also here that cute animals often appear by whether it is individuality Yutaka, and the goods is also very popular.nVarious collaboration items as well as an original item are also sold, but when saying the item which was sold-out immediately in it, it's a collaboration item with the very popular room wear brand "GELATO PIQUE", isn't it?nEven if he'd like to buy it at the popularity which is that, the people who couldn't do were a lot of items, but sale of the 2nd version decided!

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