Fixed charge service of PlayStation which can get the privilege which are various premiums "PlayStation Plus" (in the following, PS Plus)nYou can also have that joining is often necessary to play on-line and also call joining indispensable service, the profitable privilege is also charm.nEveryone of PS5 user can play the famous story title of PS4 without extra charge in particular, there is "PS Plus, this,-tion" and 5143 yen (including tax) part of the right to use can recover its investment by a swift attack for 12 months, can't it?nThe freeplay to which it's delivered every month that it can also be called Maine even in the privilege of such PS Plus.nAs long as I join PS Plus even if a delivery period ends, when adding it to the library as well as can play the game title of the target without extra charge, it's the god service you can play anytime.nEven this was the freeplay to which a famous story and the work in topics have been often delivered, but the first title was delivery starting in 2022!

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