Digital educational facilities of the Japanese maximum level in Suita-shi, Osaka "REDEE"nI possess a large-scale arena, and a e sports event and public viewing are frequently held, and it rises, so thinks there are a lot of people strong in an impression as "e sports facility", too.nA VALORANT off-line event of the past maximum scale "OSAKA VALORANT FES" is also held the other day, and it's a place fresh in memory that it rose greatly, isn't it?nThe flank as "e sports facility" is also important of course, but REDEE is the programming school learned by a e sport.nIt's the programming included in a compulsory education, but there are a lot of people who aren't learning the father mother generation to the top where the hurdle is still high, too, so quite serious one is the current state even if it tells your child, isn't it?nREDEE was putting the "camp" where the curriculum cut with learning a programming happily through a game can be experienced into effect for everyone such, but that special "camp" is performed decided on this New Year's!

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