Serialization of "GURAPPURA blade tusk" starts at 1991 by a week boy champion.nAfter that "BAKI"-> "model horse blade tusk"-> "the blade tusk way"-> when serialization also calls "BAKI way" and present a monumental achievement of a following fight Manga circle, Mr. Keisuke Itagaki's "blade tusk "is a series, isn't it?nThe special volume, an anecdote, a spin-off and a large number of works are also developing besides this chapter and it has been animated, so all boy will be a work with your can finger the once in particular.nPowerful Sean Battle, not to mention, is charm of a blade tusk its individuality Yutaka, if saying, it'll be the characters which have the strong personality too much.nWhen calling in it the character which symbolizes a work, I'll be "model horse Yujiro" called "the strongest creature in the ground".nSurprisingly, original and too attractive "model horse Yujiro" will be sake! Sake "onihetsubousake - OGA,-" is sale!

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