30th anniversary of birth of the character which represents Sega Enterprises "the sonic hedgehog" is Year for 2021 years, isn't it?nI think knowledge as well as the person who has played a sonic game and has seen a picture work of an animation and a movie, but the name of the supersonic hedgehog is good and is the speed beyond the sonic speed, and sonic runs about.nMaybe that one exceeded the speed of sound for a graphic and the operability with the feeling of speed which is a game in particular, the exhilarating feeling which is to the extent I have an illusion.nIf saying Sega Enterprises, it was the sonic 30th anniversary which is the character which represents Japan, a new game and a new goods were 2021 when a large number of events have been done, but even if it was left and was several days, there was a new announcement.nSega Enterprises released the PC which drives at superspeed like "the sonic hedgehog"! Physically!

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