Popular BATOROWAGEMU NetEase Games handles "wasteland behavior"nThe various titles are the released genre already, but after all a load is the pioneer-like title which made sure that you can play expensive BATOROWAGE crisply comfortably in SUMAHO, right?nThe comfort by the height of the percentage of completion as BATOROWA and the side I'm playing is needless to say, wasteland behavior, a wide work and collaboration with a person are also charm.nSuch as doing live broadcasting during a game when the costume and the item which made the work a motif appeared during a game and collaborated with a popular idol group "Nogizaka 46" during a collaboration period, the most advanced collaboration was also performed, wasn' t it?nIt was the wasteland behavior to which he went, but the first collaboration partner announced collaboration of several many in 2021 in 2022!n1 of power contents "magic kaisen" and collaboration to 2020-2021!

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