2021 is also the end of the year. "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV (the king of and Fighters 15)" (in the following, KOF XV) but you think a back of sold Thursday, February 17, 2022 has been seen, right ?nFrom now's work an open beta testing was also put into effect the 2nd time the other day, and which made a SNK fan be shocked, new (?) It was also possible to use the entry into the war character "KURONEN" and it' ll be that many people experienced it.nThough it's the new character, use of "KURONEN" thinks remembrance is here. In around 2001.nPersonally, it was very good that "Terry Bogarde" could be used. Terry's convenience is also reproduced fairly in Suma bra SP, but the originator is different in member as expected.nNow, it's KOF XV which has also ended an open beta testing in well-received inside the 2nd time, but all 39 characters of the early stage entry into the war aren't an announcement yet in sale's drawing near.n36 characters of "KURONEN" of an announcement was an eye last time, so it'll be 3 more characters, but 37 characters of cyborg which can be trusted is entry into the war for an eye!

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