"Bomber Galle" where well-received is working at the whole country penny arcadenFamiliar, attractive "bomber girls" run wild around under Battle of a team of 4 to 4 based on a game of "on, Berman".nIt's very popular at a penny arcade, a little, MUFUFU, the person who was waiting eagerly for the one I can play now at on the relation with production and a house is also a lot of titles, isn't he?nI should meet the demands and an open beta testing has started at January, 2021 in PC version KONASUTE, an open beta testing was a situation as cancellation because the problem that you can't normally play an On-line battle occurred.nAfter that an open beta testing kept a rise up in November, 2021, and held it and won well-received.nYou expected an open beta testing was no problem and whether the formal release was close for saying that I had finished, but "BONBAGARUKONASUTE" was operation starting at last!

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