"Super robot great war 30" of the series 30th anniversary commemoration work selling well-received (below Spa robot 30)nIt'll be 2 months soon from sale on Thursday, October 28, 2021, but a writer can't clear yet!nTo playing every day mostly even if time to play long can't be secured, the* what volume!nI think there are a lot of people who can take gathered time at future New Year's, too, so please play the person who has not played yet by all means by all means.nNow, spa robot 30 puts an update into effect as future development, and there is much one "Didot" and "Die Dalion" are planning to deliver in December, 2021 with entry into the war from released "super robot great war DD" by a delivery of a DLC(2) and the "super robot great war raw delivery program raw spa robot channel" broadcast the other day.nYou also slip in 2022 a little so in December, 2021, and is it crowded? The arrowhead of which I thought so and each delivery schedule were an announcement quickly!

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