The game maker who represents Japan where 61st anniversary of establishment is met in 2021 "Sega Enterprises"nYou also call "the sonic hedgehog" which takes pride in its worldwide popularity 30th anniversary per 2021 years and but release the latest model "sonic frontier", and if, it's in the turn state of Sega Enterprises recently, isn't it?n"Mega drive mini" "Gamegear, microcosm" "astro city mini" is also selling the home video game machine which got rapturous at that time and the product which mini-ized a penny arcade steel case besides the game title, and sale at first is the popularity which will be to the extent it'll be in the short state.nThe new project on which SEGATOIZU collaborated with a super-famous long-established store penny arcade "penny arcade emperor" suddenly in August, 2021 during such was announced.nWhat wasn't also released by details as of it, collaboration with "penny arcade emperor" is to say and, whether formal twitter (@ASTROCITYmini) of "astro city mini" also has reacted and isn't the latest of "astro city mini", it was expected.nA subsequent report was waited for, but the whole picture became clear at last on Friday, December 17, 2021 which becomes the sale first anniversary of "astro city mini"!

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