Monumental achievement of the asymmetry type confrontation survival horror "Dead by Daylight"nWhen there is no existence of "Dead by Daylight" which became a big hit though it's the title of CERO Z (only more than 18 years old, target), even if I say that there was no popularity current as of the asymmetry type competition game, it wouldn't be exaggerated.n"Dead by Daylight" collaboration with a famous story horror movie and a horror game says survival horror, and where is also popularnI think collaboration with "silent leech" and "biohazard" of the big-grossing game title is a place fresh in memory when saying to a Japanese work.nWhich are the worldwide hit title, but it's the impression I didn't have to call a stage of a work the fearful atmosphere peculiar to Japanese horror, not Japanese.nIf it's special, could a person of all over the world taste the horror peculiar to Japan, it was a place, but the day when the request materializes was doing!nCollaboration with a masterpiece of Japanese horror "ring" decided!

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