The "super bomber man R On-line" by which simultaneous play of 64 people is hot KonaminIt's done based on a rule of a familiar bomber man, but it's also 1 of pleasantness that you can take out and play the performance every character, the special ability and each individuality such as the change of clothes and the customization of bombe, right?nHajime going is "white Bonn" after all! Even if I think so, discount by the ability of the bomber who has a skill, and be ordinary means easily and crawl, a buying one is regrettable!nThough I'm playing, it has not been quite brilliant in "bomber one" yet!nSeason 2 begins from September, 2021, and "Shiori Tosaki bomber" is entering the war and is showing protuberance increasingly in October, "super bomber man R On-line", but season 3 begins from Friday, December 17, 2021!nEntry into the war of a new bomber!

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