Sale is all over the world as the game machine 1 year has passed, and you want still most, and it's the next generation type PlayStation "PlayStation 5" that a scramble is developed, isn't it?nI thought you'd ordinarily be able to buy now shortage when 1 year had also passed, when selling it, whether it's after the lack of a semiconductor is also influential, lot sale is still Maine. 'll stand to take up something sold beyond a fixed price!nIt's such PS5, but the body with the special color isn't sold like PS4 and Xbox in the present, and it's only something of black and the white two tone color.nThe cool thing is apparent unreasonably, the existence sense which is fair when I also have a big one for the size of the body, and I have for your room. It's sometimes difficult to agree with the interior in your room by a case, right ?nThe "cover for" PS5 by which you can make such PS5 the favorite color is a sale decision! A new color was also an announcement to appear in "DualSense Wireless controller"!

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