"THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV" which approached sale on Thursday, February 17, 2022 with about 2 months old (the king of and Fighters 15)nWhile a trailer of the early stage entry into the war character is being exhibited in sequence for sale, the latest information opens it in held "The Game Awards 2021" on Friday, December 10, 2021.n"KURONEN" of holding of an open beta test and the new character on which I entered the war from a work now (?) was an announcement the 2nd time!nZAWA could use up former KOF fan in the announcement of "KURONEN" by which deja vu is somewhere, and possibility of the new character was a big topic.nA scene on which "KURONEN" is reflected than a usual trailer was little and was the place where I'd like to see more motions because the picture exhibited by "The Game Awards 2021" was the one of holding and merging of an open beta test but a trailer of a "KURONEN" element responded to the expectation, and was opening to the public!

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