Very popular RPG "persona" series of the atlas which will be 25th anniversary per 2021 years.n2021 also ends soon, but the festival is said to be Year 25th anniversary until September 20 of 2022, and still continues!n"A 25th of persona, Times Vol.1" opens it on September 20, 2021 when it'll be 25th anniversary exactly! MORUGANA assumes an ambassador, and an animation series will be ikkyo delivery starting, and OK, holding in a stolae concert will be an announcement, and if, it was only wonderful information, wasn't it?nMORUGANA was calling opening to the public of the 2nd time "for information every handle, next time" in December, 2021 in the next and the end of a picture of the 1st time, so what kind of Ota empty information was an announcement or was watched, "a 25th of persona, Times Vol.2" was opening to the public on Friday, December 10, 2021!

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