"The red-light district volume" but the television animation which keeps starting and gaining the influence "blade of onimetsu"nAn original work, I think it's unread and there are a lot of people looking forward to an animation, too, so I don't touch the contents, but... if saying, taking pictures is acrid. animation delivery service variously, so the one of non-watching is right or wrong!nOf such "blade of" onimetsu, when saying a big-grossing game for domestic use, it's "blade of onimetsu HINOKAMI chikazetan".nIt's announced that a demon is added to the playable character of the vs. mode by a no charge update after sale, and "yahahane" and "vermilion gauze circle" are delivered by "trouble" and the "kikaza" 2nd version by the 1st version up to now.nA no charge update was all 3 times, but the demon who entered the war by the 3rd version which becomes last at last was opening to the public on December 13, 2021 on Monday by "strong sake corps report" of number 2 of weekly boy jump of sale!

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