"A super robot, great war" series of Bandai Namco which meets 30th anniversary per 2021 years and is showing the best protuberance.nA writer of a series fan is playing "super robot great war 30" of the commemoration title a little every day 30th anniversary, too, but because it's the number of scenarios fairly when it's also put together for the DLC which is already delivered(1 ), I have the hunch it even seems still to take for clearance.nBecause a spa robot series always is very idle and is the volume with responding, it's difficult to be too fine for KOSUPA.nNow, the "super robot great war raw delivery program raw spa robot channel" to which you announce the latest information of such spa robot was broadcast from 21:00 on Friday on December 10, 2021!nMuch information released Suma robot in the broadcast of the big volume of about 5 hours the real condition play etc. of 30, spa robot DD, the latest goods information and a famous story "new super robot great war", but attention will be also the new entry into the war character of Suma robot 30 and spa robot DD at the inside.nSurprisingly, a main character of a mutual work enters the war on a mutual work!

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