When I'm busy and don't receive energy from December, aren't there a lot of people who aren't got over, either?nThe intake is the time which increases absolutely, so it's wonderful that modern society in sold ENADORI warlike ages can choose various energy drinks according to the feeling and the use, isn't it?nIt's bean jam limited performance energy "ZONe" that there are also a large number of line-ups of goods at the inside, isn't it?nVarious flavors are sold and it's indeed that "ENERGY GEAR" and wide demand of "QUICK BOOST" of a short can-type and the Jell-O type are being covered.n"ENERGY GEAR" can fill a stomach, and also fits breakfast and caffeine can also be taken, so it's very useful.nIt was ZONe which has just sold "ENERGY GEAR" at the end of November, but a new flavor was announced already!n... but it's the new product which doesn't guess what kind of flavor it's a little.

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