1 of the titles which are also chosen as a jackpot of Japanese game jackpot 2021 and represent 2021 is a hunting action of Capcom "monster Hunter rise", isn't it?nIt's sale in March, 2021, but collaboration with other works delivers a free title update and event Quest in sequence, and doesn't have a mind to make hunters in the whole world get tired at all!nIt itself is so, but a monster Hunter series is that there are no games I can keep playing every day a so long period easily, isn't it? Indeed, MONHAN.nSale of extraordinarily large expansion contents "monster Hunter rise: St. break" decided on spring in 2022 as "monster Hunter rise", but after the teaser picture exhibited by "Tokyo game show, 2021 On-line", there were no subsequent reports .n2021 is also the end soon and, the arrowhead by which I thought there was information even a little or...! A new teaser picture was opening to the public!

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