Japan time Friday, December 10, 2021 Commendation ceremony of a game of the world maximum level held more than 9:00 "The Game Awards 2021"nThere was an announcement and the respective prizes conferred the latest information various from a large number of manufacturers on many smash hit titles including the title in Japan.nThe attention which is most as expected will be also "Game of The Year" where it can be said a jackpot of "The Game Awards 2021" at the inside.nBecause it wasn't exaggerated even if I said the prize by which it's given this year to the best game, the one every title wins or all over the world was watched, but "It Takes Two" of Hazelight Studios and Electronic Arts shone in a garland of Game of The Year this year!nSo it's so fascinating by all means and that Game of The Year was won, winning a prize of Game of The Year was also missed preciously, but the ideal chance now plays because a nomination work is also full of famous stories!nI'll introduce the Game of The Year nomination title including "It Takes Two"!

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