Only three weeks left in 2021. Winter has arrived in Tokyo and the temperature is dropping drastically.nThere are many cold days, especially in the mornings and evenings, and as a person who likes to be cold, I often wake up cold at dawn.nIt is possible to turn on the heater and go to sleep, but it can dry out your throat and make your electric bill more expensive....nI was wondering if there was any bedding that would keep me warm and give me a good night's sleep in the winter while keeping the electricity bill down, when Bauhutte, a gaming bedding manufacturer that also produces many gaming bedding products such as the gaming futon set and the gaming blanket Wata Tank, announced a nice product!nThe "BOX ELECTRIC BLANKET", an electric blanket that warms the entire bed with an internal electric heater, has been announced!nnTranslated with (free version)

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