You're dealing with a large number of high-performance devices, and you're here with the long-established store manufacturer loved from a gamer of all over the world, and they're BA and knowing "Razer", aren't they?nA straw, a mask and a car as well as something of a basic gaming-ize and are selling something really wide as a mouse, a keyboard and a gaming device of a headset and a post.nAnd products for mobile gamers as well as a PC gamer and products for consumer gamers and a substantial one are also the feature of Razer.nEven funglr Games was introducing the "Razer Kishi" etc. business of the portable game machine can play now by making them load to "Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve" of a fingerstall and SUMAHO, but items for smart phone appear newly!nAn air conditioner for smart phone "Razer Phone Cooler Chroma" is appearance!

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