The "a super robot, great war" series by which the series was born 30th anniversary commemoration title "a super robot great war, 30" is big-grossing Bandai Namco.nI think there are a lot of people who clear the first round and burst in the second week already, too, but a writer is playing the first round a little, and spa robot 30 is the sense by which a participation work is to the extent a turn has passed like an episode.nIt's pleasant for future development and inevitable! In particular, "supreme world Your Majesty-GAOGAIGA vs. Better Mann-"!nHe thinks element sale is begun by Early access and November 19 on November 17, and a DLC(1) goes wild with joy in entry into the war of a "a cherry tree, great war" series, and it's being remodeled away, but it becomes expected to deliver a DLC(2) in December, 2021, so a person of the story way will leave funds.nThen, are you interested in a delivery day of a DLC of a problem(2)?nThe delivery of "super robot great war raw delivery program Raw spa robot channel" to which a delivery day may be announced decided!

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