The annual event by which Battle Royal of a simultaneous confrontation is hot Nintendo Switch Online subscriber limitation software "Tetris 99" 99 people "TETO 1 cup"nIt was said to be Nintendo Switch Online subscriber limitation, and you couldn't challenge up to now, but NINTENDO 64 and Tuesday, October 26, 2021 a game of a mega drive can play, and "gather Forest of an animal Happiness home Paradise " can play, and when service of former Nintendo Switch Online is also got join "Nintendo Switch Online + additional pack" of starting service, and aren't there a lot of people who have begun newly, either?nCould everyone who has begun "Tetris 99" newly taste that feeling when getting TETO 1 for the first time, and without discounting, could you exert yourself!nNow, it's TETO 1 cup held by the good frequency recently, from the 26th time which made "METOROIDODOREDDO" a theme, about 1 month. Holding of the 27th time decided already!nThis time is collaboration with the party game which can be enjoyed with the family and a friend at New Year's!

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