Greatly excited 2021 enters in December and it's also the last spurt, isn't it?nThe working person is busy with year-end progress, and now would also call everyone of a student preparing for taking an examination a crucial moment above all just now for finals for everyone of a student.nWhen the busy situation continues, the room passes away and also comes like feeling physical, but I hope that there is previous pleasure which got over busyness at such time.nIt's a year-end grave event "Christmas" that New Year's is in front of the good sleep.nI think Santa Claus comes to everyone of kids, but when it'll be an adult, a class is to change, too on the day when a present is presented to an important person and reward to oneself is prepared by itself.nLot sale of a fitting item "Nintendo Switch (organic EL model)" was starting in Nintendo TOKYO for a present and in reward to itself!

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