1 year passed from sale, and a "Momotarou electric railroad-Showa Heisei rei wa is also a basic!-" fan of Konami still increasing the sales number said the latest model which depended on wait, and it also sold fairly just after the sale , until I say the standard party game and also come at present after that, gradually, if, it's the ghost title you keep extending the sales to which, right?nIt seems to sell more all together at the timing of homecoming at New Year's now.nIt was such peach iron, but it was 33rd anniversary on Thursday, December 2, 2021 because the "Momotarou electric railroad" which becomes series 1st kind of crop was December 2, 1988 to have been sold! Congratulations!nA collaboration event with the weekend heroine by whom holding was scheduled for such simple day already at last "a peach, stay here, clover Z" was starting!

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