December 3 is "day of PlayStation" for the first PlayStation's being sold.nWhen I think a long period, I keep towing 27th vintage of game industry from appearance because it's 1994, founder's sale is never, isn't it?nThe most new model "PlayStation 5" is also in the best condition at present and I think 40 years and the leap attack will also continue for 30 years now.n"PlayStation Awards" which commends the PlayStation related title that it's held by "days of Play Station" every year hit the yearnIt doesn't change with the point that I say to "PlayStation Partner Awards" that the reborn but wonderful game title is commended more than 2020 years.nFor 2 days when this year is Thursday, December 2, 2021 and Friday, December 3, 2021, separately, and, it'll be an announcement by an animation, but the first animation opens it!nThe title which won "PARTVER AWARD" and "SPECIAL AWORD" was an announcement!

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