Some of the members (LAN cable man and Bandman) of the Hunglr Games editorial team love to drink.nToday, we spend our days exchanging information on alcoholic beverages as we go about our business, saying things like, "That new beer was delicious.nnThe two of us are relatively good drinkers, but the two shochu that struck a chord with us were the authentic sweet potato shochu Satsuma Akatauma and the authentic barley shochu Satsuma Rofu.nnWe first encountered them in 2020 when Hamada Shuzo's Satsuma Hamadaya Denbei sent us a bottle of Akaharuma and Satsuma Rofu for a collaboration with Koei Tecmo Games' Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14.nnWe had a tasting party in the editorial department, and I still remember the shock I felt the first time I drank Akahuruma and Rofu.nSatsuma Hamadaya Denbei has once again collaborated with Koei Tecmo Games to release a new product!nnThis time, the collaboration is not with the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" series, but with the "Shin-Sankoku Musou" series!

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