The dramatic adventure sold in PS4 on Thursday on November 28, 2019 "thirteen plane soldier defense area" It was said to be a new design by an atlas and a tag of a vanilla wear and had high attention from the sale front, when it was sold, everyone of a gamer was charmed by the worldview and a game. The thing chosen as various prizes including an excellent prize of "Japanese game jackpot 2020" will be also a place fresh in memory. "Dragons crown" "Auden sphere" the writer who was an atlas of etc.x a fan of the title of the vanilla wear has made a reservation of course, has played from a sale date and has cleared, too, if possible, a memory is put out, and it's the title I 'd like to play again. But such thirteen "plane soldier defense area" was sale only of PS4, and it was possible to play only PS4 and PS5 user.nBut 2 years passed from sale, and sale of Nintendo Switch edition decided newly!

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