November 19, 2021.nAn account as "EXTAV" showed the form to Twitter suddenly.nThe contents which have no cases that saw up to now.nIt isn't also live broadcasting.nOnly to call the one which is being separated in the present the " with which an artist of " plural participates...,....nWait for a subsequent report a moment!nThe word which says so and a teaser site were exhibited, and what kind of thing started or was watched really?nAfter that the rock stardom by which our chest makes that time and now hot with PATA of TAKURO of SUGIZO in LUNA SEA and GLAY and X JAPAN was being opened, and during keeping increasing in the attention, the project took off a veil at last on Monday on November 29, 2021!n[Artist official recognition] visual system musical rhythm game "EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK" is a formal announcement!

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