The holiday celebrated in United States of America and Canada on 4th Thursday of November every year "Thanksgiving Day"nIt's also called Thanksgiving and it's said to be the day when thanks and sacrifice are offered to harvesting and last year's blessings, but to be honest, there may be also the a lot of days when I'm unfamiliar by Japan and eat turkey and pumpkin pie and one of image people.nFriday the next day of the Thanksgiving Day when it was also fixed in Japan recently that even such person knows "black Friday"?nA visitor rushes, and because I go in the black, the sales are called "black Friday" because dead stock of a Thanksgiving Day present is dumped, and a sale is also held at various mass sales stores and EC shops in Japan, isn' t it?nThey seem to need a wave on the black Friday bought too much carelessly to that island.nA sale has also started on black Friday at a racoon dog store of "gather Forest of an animal"!

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