An On-line preliminary and eastern and western resident commissioner play-off were being put into effect from summer in 2021 by a e sports event of the held 5 genres of "Red Bull 5G 2021" "SPORTS" "RACING" "FIGHTING" "PUZZLE "FREE" and the very rare form which splits up into 2 teams of east and west and decides the male and female for 5 years after per 2021 years.nMinato lye of HORORAIBU belonging is well in a formal cheering squad as well as a hot war, oh, such as acceding, (@minatoaqua) and Mr. shishiro button (@shishirobotan) are the event with the high attention, but a final game meeting "Red Bull 5G 2021 FINALS" is held on Saturday on this coming November 27, 2021!

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