Target software of Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Switch Online subscriber limitation event which can be period limitation and be idle completely with MARU "simultaneous trial"nIt's possible to play the title of the wide genre from the famous title of the major maker to the title which becomes a habit of an indie manufacturer, so when I appear, the title about which you worried will be the trigger you play, right?nA sale is often held at the same time, so even if it can't be cleared during a period, it's also a wonderful place that you can play continuation at the bargain price.n"This wonderful SE or, I'm here -Final Remix-" it's the simultaneous trial which had a lot of people who appeared and enjoyed the stylish worldview and an intuitive play by touch operation, too, but last time is also held this month of course!nThe cat with pretty liver and the unpleasant "cat" quality are the title which rampages this time!

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