Monumental achievement of the fight game Capcom presents to the world "Street Fighter V Champion edition"n5 years pass from sale in February, 2016, and it'll be 6 years in next February, but still, the, it keeps rising and is the title which keeps towing the fight game world.nSuch as "season 5" when it'll be a final season started from 2021, and "spaces and others" entered the war from a "justice, school" series as well as the successive generations popular characters such as "dones" "rose " "ORO" up to now, there was only a final, and the wonderful surprise was also distinctive.n5 will be also the last character addition such season in the next, it was an announcement that the additional character is the perfect new character "rook" by "Street Fighter V Summer update 2021", but the broadcast of "Street Fighter V. Fort update" to which the latest information of "rook" is decided!

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