Police tone figure series by combined production of SQUARE ENIX and a domestic statue manufacturer "a studio of prime" "SQUARE ENIX MASTERLINE"nAnd the size sense of beauty and the force of 1/4 of the modeling by which it can also be said "NieR:Automata" was released, and that the 1st version was last was its price and a big topic, wasn't it ?nChange parts of 2B, 9S, A2 and each are a set, surprisingly, "Deluxe Ver." is 349,800 yen (including tax) Tatar, thing.... You can't order any more at present, so no hard feelings.nThat it's expected to sell "Deluxe Ver." on Friday on December 31, 2021, he was restless, but the person by whom reservation was ordered thought a decorated place is being made, but sale of the 2nd version of "SQUARE ENIX MASTERLINE" decided!

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