"eFootball", a "PAWAPURO" series, a "Momotarou, electric railroad" series and a "a bomber, man" series, and all that....nWhen saying the game maker seeing so many works off in the evening so that this article is buried only by the title if a handled famous story game is given, it's Konami to which everyone is familiar.nSuch as dealing with a new media mix project "the shine post", pioneering of the new genre as well as popular contents of existence are also an enterprise with the posture of the advanced attack, aren't they?nA gamer is Konami strong in game maker's image for you, but 1 is diversifying out widely as "Konami Holdings corporation", and the inside is also famous, but "Konami gym".nIsn't there a person also passing for health in the person calling this article, either?nI said surprisingly, that such Konami Sports took out a new product, so I thought what kind of Aero motorcycle it's and announced putting,* and the thing with whatever which sells an energy drink!

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