The "Musashino Art University art festival in fiscal year" 2021 held from Friday, October 29 to 3 days on Sunday on the 31st was an art festival in a main school famous for more than 30,000 visitors' visiting every year (in the following Art festival ), but this fiscal year considered influence by new-style coronavirus, and was the shape as the first-ever On-line holding, and work exhibition at virtual space, work sale by a online shop and a live program delivery, etc. were The first try was under most conditions, and how did everyone of the student of operation committee who carries planning and operation of the whole art festival advance preparations and come to holding? with Musashino Art University (in the following MUSABI) and interview directly with Mr. student of an art festival execution commissioner this time!nI'll also introduce the specially-installed studio the student by whom a live program delivery "MAU LIVE" was performed personally!

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