Modern society in the ENADORI warlike ages when various manufacturers are selling various energy drinks.nEnergy can be received anytime and anywhere, so only a little more, the time of effort and feeling, it's very useful at AGE red snapper.nIt was ENADORI which settled in Japan completely, but even if there was genki drink before, I had a word to say as "energy drink" and also had no goods.nThe one which has been loved as a herald of ENADORI in 35 from the time when I had no such ENADORI is the "super-life form drink lifeguard" cheerio JAPAN Co., Ltd. is selling.nA vending machine and the other drinks in line at a store demarcate the design of the camouflage pattern which catches eye, and the schoolchild lower grades age thinks you were buying it for me by the reason that I say "Because it was cool."nSuch lifeguard announced that Tokyo opens a brand concept base "a lifeguard square,− super-life form square−" in Harajuku!

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