If saying Japan, when saying the game maker who represents the world, everyone knows, "Nintendo"nThe achievements keeps inventing the popular character and the popular work which are to the extent METOROIDO can't finish ranking and all that as Mario, Zelda and Mori of an animal* really, and one sells a large number of home video game machines until it starts from color TV game 15, and I come to Nintendo Switch, and it's also the manufacturer which made it proper that there is a game machine at a home, and measures and isn't known, is it?nThat an item of such popular character of Nintendo can buy one from the latest item a limitation item, in November, 2019, in Shibuya PARCO, Nintendo official shop in the first Japan country which opened "Nintendo TOKYO".nThe space which is a dream surely such as a statue of the popular characters and furnishing of Isshiki of Nintendo and, I call, it's the popularity which buys whether the weekend holiday is entrance restriction even now way by which 2 years try to pass from opening at a suitable place.nThe hurdle to which I come was also quite high by the area where you're saying only 1 store to Shibuya in Tokyo and are living, but opening in the Nintendo official shop which becomes a domestic 2 store eye decided!

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