2021 is a "St. sword, legend" series of Anniversary Year of 30th anniversary of series birth.nSQUARE ENIX is a monumental achievement of an action RPG which takes pride and is also a work which had a big influence on the genre called a back action RPG.nIt was broadcast on Sunday on June 27, 2021, "30th anniversary of shuku! St. sword broadcast", even while a large number of information was exhibited, then it's the new title for smart phone "St. sword legend ECHOES of MANA" that a fan could be pleased greatly.nI thought it was said that it was expected to release it in 2022 and it was still a point, the arrowhead by which 2021 was being also the for 2 months of entering rest in November!nHolding of a closed beta test of "St. sword legend ECHOES of MANA" was an announcement!

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