That even sale on Friday, November 19, 2021 is a little more, I approached, I come, and, "Pocket Monsters Brilliant diamond and shining pearl"nThe costume of "platinum style" which reproduced main character's costume of "Pocket Monsters Platinum" by a purchase privilege early was added the other day and it's being already the feeling that I look forward to sale!nThere is also a purchase privilege of each store, but the number is limited and the package edition is indispensable to reservation at the early stage, isn't it?nA harlequin duck area is a stage, and such Pocket Monsters brilliant diamond "and" shining Pearl are also different from other areas in the Pokemon which lives.nThis first harlequin duck area, he's living or what kind of Pokemon is everyone of the trainer who adventures going to be interested in?nI'll gather them actually then! Pokemon in a harlequin duck area joins in a stuffed animal "Pokemon fit" series with the palm size!

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