Authentic SUMAHO RPG of Cygames "Grand blue fantasy" (It's gravel in the following.)nIt's the long-established store title by which more than 7 years have passed from starting service, but a new event and new collaboration always keep holding it and increasing the new user, don't they?nThe confrontation action RPG selling PS4 well-received "Grand blue fantasy Vs." and the action RPG "GRANBLUE FANTASY Relink" and all that which cuts down sale in 2022 as well as gravel this chapter are wide, it's developing, familiar.nIsn't much of the trigger you also begin to play gravel with which newly at the inside collaboration with a favorite work?nThese days were the gravel which had a lot of collaboration with a sharp work of "BOBOBOBO and baud Bobo" and "silver soul" etc., but what did holding of a collaboration event with that national work the person who has no cases that he played gravel yet would know, too decide on as the collaboration it'll be next!

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