The "a goddess, transmigration" series latest model of ATLAS which approached sale on Thursday, November 11, 2021 with 2 weeks "Makoto and goddess transmigration V"nReservation for a download edition is begun at my Nintendo store and Nintendo e shop, and the feeling that sale has drawn near increasingly does, doesn't it? A writer of a series fan has made a reservation of course.n"Daily pad calendar devil animation" of updated daily is also counting 180 mostly by a YouTube channel "atlustube" for sale, but "NEWS Truth and goddess transmigration V Vol.4" is opened to the other day as well as that, and DLC Information is opening to the public.nWhen it's an added scenario, the new relationship addict including "person Asura and nine addict person" who can also say collaboration with "Makoto and goddess transmigration III NOCTURNE" can't help buying it!nThe back, sale, I wait, and, when I thought, new PV of "Makoto and goddess transmigration V" was opening to the public!

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