Occupation as "idol" or the genre exists in this world.n"Idol" "attracted mark" I have the power by which he and they behave themselves, attract many person's eyes on a smiling face and the every movement and boil the environment as I make the word which makes the sense such as "of an enthusiastic fan, giblets people" origin.nThe people who grind on every day one wants more people to come to like an idol and to hold and grant such wish which would like to aim at such idol.... It should be touched by its form and be a lot of people who feel like supporting like a writer, too.nWhen I run after such blaze, the vast story which doesn't fit into one genre of the girls who have that raises the curtain!nnThis time, the media mix project which made the novel which is being serialized at a shock library "shine mailbox" an original work was announced more than a corporation Konami digital entertainment!

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