Today in the ENADORI warlike ages when a large number of manufacturers are selling an energy drink.nCompetition is crowded ENADORI industry, so when it's done for a while even if I enter newly, there is also many something across which I don't come any more.nThe one I also topped in a big hot seller suddenly from formal sale in May, 2021 at such inside is bean jam limited performance energy "ZONe".nI'm getting enormous directions from the young people generation in particular by a sold original flavor one after another in a short interval in large volume of 500ml.nI appear in the collaboration with a popular artist and the game, and if, it's also the feature to set up an antenna widely, isn't it?nSuch "ZONe" sells a new product again!n"ZONe graffiti holic Ver.1.0.0" of a package with 4 designs appears this time!

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