"PlayStation 5" of Sony by which 1 year tries to pass from sale soonnThe situation that you can't get sale at first at all at all continued, but I call for one year, and the chance which can be bought is increasing gradually.nThe writer who could buy it at the early stage by good luck is playing the title sold on more than one platforms including PS5 in PS5 basically, quite comfortable! ✕ A button is also accustomed with the specification of the decision right now!nThe game title for which which also utilized the performance of PS5 fully already, the person having PS5 in the hand and the person who will get PS5 now should you think I'd like to play?nThe special picture which introduces the PlayStation title " "PlayStation Lineup Video The Unlimited Full Course"" was exhibited from the title which is already sold already to the title for which sale will be scheduled now the other day, but wouldn't you like to know game information for the end of the year more conversantly now?nA broadcast of State of Play decided on such everyone's purpose!

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