Pay service by which it can also be said that joining is indispensable to the Nintendo Switch user "Nintendo Switch Online"nThe real value which can play now on-line by joining, and is Nintendo Switch such as the subscriber limitation privilege which was idle and extraordinary, and called the famous story title of the delivered video game and Super Nintendo Entertainment System "simultaneous trial", subscriber limitation software and a catalog ticket, save data keeping and cooperation etc. with SUMAHOAPURI, in "Nintendo Switch Online", after I join, the god service you can say.nThis is a for 12 months of personal plan, and because I say 2400 yen (including tax), hakaku is also a good place, isn't it?nA new charge plan appeared in "Nintendo Switch Online" of such god service, and NINTENDO64 and the one of the title of a mega drive were an announcement to be able to play now by "Nintendo Direct 2021.9.24" and were a big topic .nIt was said to be some other day in the case for details, but the whole picture of "Nintendo Switch Online + It was packed additionally." became clear at last!

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