The series 30th anniversary commemoration work with which 2021 yen of 2 week was cut until sale on Thursday, October 28 "a super robot great war, 30"nThe title stopped on the way is more desperate not to have that than childish time so that a writer of a series fan can concentrate on a spa robot if it's sold, and a game is cleared, enjoying oneself.nThe spa robot series is voluminous and a lot of stories are interlocked, so you can't play with other works concurrently.nNow, an additional DLC as well as game this chapter are an announcement to be delivered already, and a work is also prepared for the season pass by which a DLC(1) and a DLC(2) made one set now.nA playable fuselage and an area mission were an announcement to be added by a DLC, but is the worrisome one said to be what kind of fuselage enters the war?nThe "cowboy hipster" who entered the war by "the magic rider layers" and the previous work which enter the war on Motosaku, too "T" enters the war from a startled work recently, so an expectation keeps rising, but "spa robot channel" delivers it more than 12:00 on Friday on October 15, 2021! The contents became clear!

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