The stop motion animation broadcast in January, 2021-in March "PUI PUI Mole car"nThat prettiness of the mole cars and stupidity of the man are unexpected, if I think a deep theme, it isn't so, and if, the place where a memory is new for being a power animation.nThere are no words, so a child in the age he doesn't know yet can enjoy a word, too and even foreign countries are popular, aren't they?nA theater edition is exhibited, and the states, but it's game-ized of course, and games for smart phones are released, and it's expected to release the "PUI PUI mole car" doing goods development and development of media.nEven smart phone is pretty and fun, because it's the mole car your small child can enjoy, too, are there a lot of people who expect sale by a game machine, too?nI'm sorry to have kept you waiting! That mole cars appear in Nintendo Switch at last decided!

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