The "super bomber man R On-line" by which simultaneous play of 64 people is hot KonaminWhen the genre of the popular battle Royale is combined with a game of a bomber man of a basic, it's so so fun that I can think a hammer is closed, so you play carelessly, right?nAnd 1 of how to enjoy oneself "super bomber man R On-line" is the various characters.nThe character of the popular work for Konami as well as the bombers of basic performance also appears on the character which became a bomber and has the special ability respectively.nWhen it's used well, the blow weak point, but the exquisite strategy I'm not supposed to depend on the ability for which too much is really fun, isn't it?nStart service command and the bomber new at any time were added, and but a new bomber began to deliver Takita "super bomber man R On-line" again!nIf saying Konami, a heroine of the love simulation game which represents the world is a bomber and is entry into the war!

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